You have your photo session booked, but now you need to do some final planning. Particularly, you need to think about what you and/or your group will wear. Although you definitely want to show off your personality during a photo session, some clothes just don’t work well in front of the camera. Here are some tips to make sure that your next photo session turns out great.

Dress Up

First and foremost, you want to make sure that you look nice. This is not the time to come dressed the way you do on an everyday basis. In saying this though, you don’t want to come looking like you are going to prom (unless it is your prom photoshoot, of course). Make an effort to look nice, iron that shirt that you haven’t worn in a long time, and clean up your shoes so they are nice and shiny. Take this opportunity to show off and look your best.

Match Everyone Else in the Group

For the most part, matching is a good thing, but maybe not in the way that first comes to mind. Instead of the entire family showing up in the same plaid shirt, have everyone dress in coordinating colors. The color palette that photographs the best would be the jewel tones, which includes dark green, navy, burgundy, etc.

Another little tip is to choose the same tone for both top and bottom. For example, if you are wearing a dark green top, then stick to darker pants. If you are wearing a lighter colored top, then stick to lighter toned pants.

Avoid Stripes and Bright Colors

I always tell my clients to avoid stripes and bright colors for very important reasons. Let’s start with stripes. Stripes are a no, not for how they will make you look but for what they will make the photo in its entirety look like. When stripes are photographed or filmed, they can sometimes create what is called the Moire Pattern Effect. The Moire Effect creates a strobing, warping effect with the stripes, making the photo just difficult to look at.

Bright colors are also not a great choice for your clothing because they can cause a distraction. If one or two people in the group are wearing neon green, it is hard to look anywhere else. Also, in a lot of cases, overly bright colors are just not flattering for many different body types.

Wear Clothes That Enhance Your Figure

Unfortunately, we all know that not everything looks great on everyone. Dressing for your body is the way to make all of your photo sessions yield great results. One tip that I like to give to everyone who comes in for a photo shoot is to always wear a top with sleeves that are to the elbow or longer. This allows for slimmer lines and keeps the focus on the face of the person being photographed.

There’s always the tip that I think everyone has been told since childhood: stick to darker colors to create a slimming effect. This is completely true. Tying back into the “no bright colors” rule, wearing darker hues is proven to help create a slimming effect that is always flattering.

Some ladies that I have photographed have started to use shapewear. There are endless options out there for every body type and style preference, and they definitely work well in two areas: creating a slimming effect and boosting confidence.

Keep the Purpose of the Photos in Mind

Ultimately, what you wear depends on what the photo session is for. If the photos are for corporate headshots, then come dressed to impress in your business attire. If this is a family photo shoot, then relax, show your family’s personality, and have fun. You know what you want to convey in your photos, so make sure that what you wear reflects this purpose. If you keep that in mind and follow the guidelines laid out above, your photos will turn out beautifully.

If you are looking for a quality photographer in the Holt, Michigan area, then give Studio M a call. There is always a pre-session consultation included with every booking. During this consultation, I will be able to answer all of your questions, including those on what to wear.