For Marvin Hall,

photography is all about capturing the moment-within-the-moment.

When you hire him to photograph your event, he’ll take all the pictures you expect to see: venue shots, posed pictures, and photos that document the chain of events. But he’ll also photograph the small, intimate and fleeting moments that show people in a candid way. A certain look, touch, glance or embrace … these un-staged emotions represent the true heart of any person or event.

Marvin has cultivated his photographic skills and philosophy for more than 35 years. Photography means so much to him that he pursued it even while working full-time and raising a family. Now, he has retired and can focus on photography, truly bringing his dream to life.

Although weddings were among the first events that Marvin shot back in the day, he enjoys a variety of photography. He provides the same level of attention and dedication during family portrait sessions as he does when shooting album covers or photographing car launches at Lansing’s GM plant.


The specialized equipment Marvin works with allows him to capture high-quality photos even when conditions are less than ideal. With superior focusing capabilities, adjustable shutter speeds and numerous settings to allow the camera to pick up even the lowest levels of light, professional cameras do what Smartphones simply can’t. With that said, even the best equipment does not guarantee quality pictures unless the person using it knows what to do.

Marvin didn’t become an overnight guru, nor did he try to reinvent the wheel through trial and error. From early on, Marvin studied and learned from the best photographers in the industry, including Jerry Ghionis, Lindsay Adler and Sue Bryce. He also attends the yearly conference hosted by Wedding and Portrait Photographers International for continuing education and networking.

At this point in his career, Marvin also takes on the role of the teacher. His most recent seminar was given in Lansing and discussed sports photography for the Professional Photographers of America. He also takes on interns and helps them understand just how much work is involved in this profession. It’s not always glamorous!