Concert and Live Music Photography in the Mid-Michigan Area

Whether experienced or new to the scene, musicians and bands should have professional concert and live music photography during live events in order to have vivid, emotionally-charged images of the performance. The photos can even serve as tools to further your career.



At a music venue, photographers have no control over lighting, the actions of performers, or the movement of an entranced crowd.  Outdoor festivals offer additional challenges related to weather, and smaller venues could be overcrowded with neon signs and smoke. The best live band photographers need to be creative in their approach and quickly adjust to the environment with a minimum amount of equipment.

Just like with our other clients, at Studio M we like to establish a relationship with bands and musicians prior to the show in order to get feel for their genre and vibe. We also arrive early to the venue to evaluate the lighting and the crowd.

We also like to establish the musician or band’s expectations. Can we get up on stage with you? Do you want pictures of the crowd? Wide-angle shots? Close-ups of the instruments? We feel like the best concert photographers seamlessly become part of the performance and capture the experience from both the band and the crowd’s perspective.


Promotional Band Photoshoots

  • These photoshoots can take place in our studio or at a different location. The images and location must convey the right message for the band. That’s why we take the time to get to know you and your style before the session.

Outdoor Concert Photography

  • Photographing an outdoor concert allows us to take advantage of both natural and artificial lighting to capture the essence of your band and your music. We are available for outdoor concerts throughout the Mid-Michigan area. Contact us to book the date!

Indoor Concert Photography

  • You want your band to be taken seriously, and one of the best ways to achieve that is through high-quality professional photographs of your indoor concerts. Let us help you cultivate your public image. We know how to deal with indoor lighting so that you show up clearly on a back-lit stage.


Live Band
Live Band
Live Band


Schedule a consultation to see what we have to offer!

Live Band
Live Band
Live Band


It’s completely up to you! We tend to focus on individual musicians and group shots, but we can also do artistic close-ups and even get shots of the crowd and venue. Let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll deliver.


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