Smartphone camera quality has come a long way over the past few years, to the point that many people don’t feel like digital cameras aren’t necessary anymore. But if you are looking to get beautiful, professional photos done, having a professional photographer with a great quality camera is worth its weight in gold.

There’s a reason why people don’t use smartphones for important events like weddings, senior pictures, engagement photos, etc. It’s not just the equipment that’s different, but the knowledge and expertise that a professional photographer brings to the table that ensures you’ll get high-quality photographs worth framing.

Things a Professional Can Do With a Digital Camera

Even though smartphone cameras have newer and better capabilities every year, there are things a high-end camera can do that a smartphone just cannot.

  • LENS VERSATILITY: Being able to control zoom is an invaluable asset when taking professional photos. Although smartphones do allow for some digital zooming in and out, it is nowhere close to the magnitude of a digital camera with optical zoom capabilities. The lens versatility also allows for shooting better photos close up. With some cameras, their macro modes have the ability to shoot from as close as 1cm away.
  • MANUAL CONTROL: Smartphones are usually only best for “point and shoot” type photos because of their limited abilities. On the other hand, digital cameras allow you to change multiple settings independently, such as shutter speeds, flash, ISO, and aperture size, allowing for better, crisper photos.
  • BATTERY LIFE: Smartphones are absolutely infamous for low battery endurance. We all know the eternal struggle of keeping our phones charged for a whole day while trying to use it for everything from checking emails to playing games. Professional cameras have better battery lives, usually lasting anywhere from 300 to 500 pictures before needing to be charged again. Most professional photographers will have multiple batteries on hand for longer photo sessions, ensuring that they can get every shot.
  • COST: New, good quality smartphones now usually cost a minimum of $1000. This is a lot of money for anyone to dish out. The price of high-end cameras has decreased dramatically over the past 10-15 years, definitely making them a more cost-friendly option when searching for something to take photos with. But when you consider the cost of a camera and trying to take pictures yourself, suddenly the cost of hiring a professional photographer is quite reasonable.
  • INNOVATION AND LONGEVITY: As cameras get better and technology continues to change, smartphone cameras have not been able to keep up with the advancements. Yes, smartphone quality has grown by leaps and bounds, but is still not good for motion pictures, long-range photography, low light settings and close up photos.
  • MEMORY: At some point in everyone’s life with a smartphone, they have received the dreaded “Memory is full” message. With a camera, when you receive that message, all you need to do is pop in a new memory card and continue shooting. No harm, no foul. This is perfect for long sessions or days where there are multiple mini sessions.

Photographer’s Skills Also Crucial

Not only is the equipment that is used vitally important to photo quality, but also the skills of the photographer. Having 35 years of experience in photographing different people, settings, events and landscapes is insurmountable as compared to the photo quality from your iPhone.

Professional photographers are specially trained in every aspect of making your portrait from beginning to end.  Lighting, placement of the subject, color theory … and don’t forget the camera itself. Most cameras have a bit of a learning curve, so there ends up being a lot of training time and energy put into learning how to make every picture you take great.

Studio M has been creating memories for families in Michigan throughout our years of experience. We know how to make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed enough to be yourself in front of the camera. This will ensure that we capture the best picture of you and your family. We also value continuing education, learning new tips and tricks all the time from photographers around the world.

Don’t settle for a smartphone camera to capture an important, once-in-a-lifetime memory. Contact Studio M today!