Are you or someone you love a 2016 Senior? Do you want the Studio M Experience? We are now booking summer/fall appointments for 2016 seniors. If you book by April 25th, we’ll give you a 15% discount on your session fee.

But – All summer long, we’re going to sweeten the pot a little with referral incentives!

When you have a senior shoot with Studio M Portraits, you’ll be automatically entered to win an Apple I-Pad mini!! When you send a friend to us, not only will that friend be entered – but YOU get ANOTHER entry for yourself. Aside from that – Send 10 seniors our way – and you’ll get $100 in Studio M bucks to put towards your prints.


So what are you waiting for?? Get your session booked, and start telling your friends that Studio M Portraits in Holt is THE place to get your senior pictures taken.

By the way, have we told you that you are AWESOME yet? Well…you are!! Thanks!

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