Let's talk all things Senior Pictures

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty on frequent topics regarding senior pictures.

Why Invest? There are 3 highly photographically documented milestones in a persons life. Their birth, their high school senior pictures and their wedding. These are the days you don’t get back. These are the memories most shared through generations through pictures. These moments are timeless. Therefore, capturing well them is priceless.

Why pay when my “uncle’s cousin’s best friend’s brother” has a nice camera? Refer to the first question/answer. These moments are priceless, but you get what you pay for. When you want the best, you call the best. Each of our packages has a print credit. We’re passionate about seniors. We work hard. We make the session a great experience. We stand by our images and our service.

Let's talk all things Senior Pictures

What do the kids wear to the session? We recommend at least 3 “looks”.

A dressier look for the yearbook picture – For boys, a shirt and tie, a nice sweater, or a suit. For girls, a dress or a dressy top.

A more casual look that shows what they look like any given day at school. A look that says “this was me my senior year”. This could be jeans and a t shirt, slacks and a button up, or something super edgy. The key is to capture each student’s personality.

A look that represents a hobby, sport or passion. This is where team uniforms or props come in. Sports enthusiasts should bring jerseys, balls, hats, varsity jackets, etc. Passionate about reading? Bring a pile of books! (yes, seriously) Passionate about fashion? We can help plan an epic session. We’ll talk with our clients before each session to help them decide what to bring.

Additional looks can just be more favorite outfits. Accessories like sunglasses, scarfs, layered items like jackets, sweaters, etc always add some pop. Dark solid colors are figure flattering, but bold color can be beautiful.

When should we book the session? We’ll shoot seniors year round. Typically we get a lot of bookings starting in late spring through early fall. So if you want to get in over the summer, book sooner than later to ensure getting the best date for your schedule.

We hope this helps – and we’ll see you soon at Studio M. In the meantime, enjoy some of our images that show great senior outfit choices and use them for inspiration.