I love photographing in Old Town in Lansing, Michigan! It is a great place to go and explore. When I invited Kevin and Melissa to do their session there, I knew we were going to have a great time. Even though it was sunny, it turned out a very cold Michigan day. After about a half hour out in the cold, we decided to warm ourselves by checking out some of the local shops in the area. The first stop was Favorites Cafe!! This is a new addition to Old Town. It was a very charming little cafe that served delicious beverages as well as food.

We sampled the Carmel Apple Cider…. Yum! Next it was down the street to Tallulaha’s Folly! I have visited Old Town quite a bit, but I had never been in there before.

Kevin & Melissa || Engagement Session - Touring Old Town!!

What a pleasant surprise! It was a very eclectic shop with a combination of flowers, antiques, and knick-knacks—a great place to photograph!! After that, we ventured across the street to Lamb’s Gate Antiques! My assistant, Kristina Ryckman, knew the owner so we got the royal treatment! This was another interesting place! I love the archway in the middle of the shop. We were even able to go out back on to the patio for a few photo ops. Last, but not least, we made a stop at By The Riverside Gallery! Karen Massoglia, the owner, is a good friend of mine who often lets me come and hang out in the gallery with my clients. It is a neat little art gallery that showcases a lot of local artists!

All in all, touring Old Town, Lansing was a great way to spend a two hour engagement session. We got to check out some nice shops and get some great images in the process. A special thank you to all the shops we visited for allowing us to come in and spend some time!