Ian & Noora ~ Arabic Wedding

I actually booked Ian and Noora’s wedding on the phone…. Not something I do all the time, but they were both in Dubai, and I was in the states so we had to meet and talk via way of email and phone. She told me her and her fiancee Ian were coming back to Michigan in August to get married. They had meet each other at Michigan State.

To be honest when I received the first email from Noora that said that she was in Dubai and was looking for a photographer, I wasn’t sure what to think, but after a few emails from Noora and a call from Ian we seemed to click. I was able to meet Ian in East Lansing a month later because he was home on business, and that sealed the deal.

It was a wonderful wedding held at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, here in Lansing, Michigan.  I have driven by the striking church several times, but this was my first time inside. Once inside the view was splendid. It was a Arabic Wedding another first for me.  Here are a few photos from the celebration.