How To Hire The Right Lansing Wedding Photographer

Professional wedding photographers will create lasting memories of your big wedding day. Right here in Lansing, Michigan, you can hire professional wedding photographers like Marvin Hall who will provide the best photo shots you need for your big day.

Why Do You Need A Lansing Wedding Photographer?

You’ve made plans for your wedding, and everything is all in place. But you’re probably wondering why you need a professional wedding photographer. After all, you could tell your friend to take the shot for you. Here’s the thing — a great photographer is more than just a person that captures images with a nice camera, or takes a random shot with a camera.

You see, two things would last for a lifetime — your marriage and the wedding photograph. That’s why you need the right photographer to match your style, personality, and class. Someday, you’d need to show your grandkids a glimpse of the past. And that’s when your wedding photograph comes in handy. Unlike your friend who’d take a random picture of your wedding (which may look awful), the right professional wedding photographer would capture the small details.

The wedding photographer has tons of experience, and he won’t feel awkward standing in the middle of the church to capture you and your spouse. Also, the photographer won’t be distracted by side talks and chats. As a wedding photographer with over 27 years of experience, I’ve helped couples capture fantastic pictures on their wedding day.

The tricky lightning won’t be an issue.

Why Do You Need To Hire Me?

It’s quite simple — I capture the story. The colors, moments, emotions, and details will be adequately captured. You’d get to relive your wedding day for a lifetime.

Here is a quick list of why you should hire me.

1. I’ll Match Your Style: Your wedding photographer should match your style.

Most times, wedding photographers brand their website and image to attract some bride and groom. So, you should hire a professional photographer that matches your style. If the photographer matches your style, then there is a chance that the design style and creativity would be the right fit for you. Here’s the thing — your wedding photographer should share similar interest and style. If not, there may be issues along the way.

2. You’ll Get Professional Photo Editing:

Photo editing is a vital aspect of photography. If you need romantic and moody pictures, a photographer who shoots white and black images would be a good fit. For couples looking for a bright and cheery mix in their picture, a photographer who has a consistent editing process that provides an increased saturation and balances the white mix would be the right fit.

The editing process can alter your photo, and proper communication should be established to ensure that your photographer is doing the job you desire. As a Lansing based wedding photographer, I’ve been in the photography industry for over 27 years, and I can get you the right photographs for your wedding. You see, the photographs would be edited appropriately to radiate the atmosphere and tone you desire for your big day.

3. Awesome Personality:

Since your photographer would be there every step of the way, the personality is worth considering. Remember, it’s your big day, and you’d want a professional photographer with good people skill. One of the worse things that can ruin your wedding day is to hire a photographer who’s super opinionated, awkward to be with or a photographer with a flawed mindset.

Your family and special guests will be at your wedding. And more fun can be added to the mix by hiring a photographer with an awesome personality. From your first kiss, first dance, and first look as man and wife, your photographer would be right there. What’s more, you can schedule a meeting with your photographer before your wedding. This way, you can access his/her personality before your wedding day. Ideally, you need a photographer who can organize people for a group photograph. And since emotions would be quite high that day, a calm, cheerful, and pleasing personality is needed.

4. Good Quality Photograph:

A high-quality photograph is dependent on the photographer NOT the camera. Let’s face it, the positioning, skill, and composure is a factor that’s manually controlled by the photographer. If an amateur handles your wedding photographs with the best cameras, you’d still get half-baked pictures.

For over two decades, I’ve been actively involved in the photography industry, and I’ve helped most couples in the Lansing area to get that ultimate thrill they all desire during their wedding.

Imagine you and your new bride beautifully captured under the red sunset, and you get to relive that particular moment every day for the next 10, 20, 30, and even 40 years.

5. The Flow Of The Day Will Be Adequately Captured:

After being at hundreds of weddings across the Lensing area, I can predict the flow of the day. That moment when your dad is looking at you with a teary eye, or the time when the bride will put on a glowing face. These are skills developed from lots of experience — you can’t get it from an amateur. Your wedding day is the first day of a new life — a new beginning. And you’d want the photographs to count.

Do you want to tell your story with images? A wedding photographer will help you feel, touch, love, and relive your wedding day all over again. So, are you in need of a Lansing based wedding photographer? We can schedule a meeting to plan the visual coverage of your wedding.