How To Hire A Lansing Senior Photographer

Your senior year is here! And it’s time to celebrate all that you’ve achieved in high school. In the last eleven years, you’ve toiled and worked your behind off to get to your senior year, and possibly proceed to the other phase of life. Amidst all the senior year celebration, proms, and parties, you’ll need a senior photographer to capture the critical moment of your senior year.

Let’s face it, in the next 20, 30, and 40 years; you’ll need to show your coworkers (or children) a picture of yourself in high school. And that’s when those beautiful shots come in handy. You won’t want a random guy or your friends to take those shots for you.

Why? Your friends lack the experience, intuition, and vibe that’s required to capture high-quality senior year photographs. In the photography industry, an excellent camera doesn’t translate to an excellent picture.

Now you know the importance of hiring a professional senior year photographer, let’s dive into the practical steps you need to follow before you hire a senior year photographer.

1. Look Out For Photographers With Experience.

Nothing beats experience! Right here in Lansing, Michigan, there are lots of veteran and amateur photographers. However, one way of identifying the senior photographers that deliver professional services is by their years of experience. Photography is an art — and it takes years and endless time to perfect the skill. Typically, you should hire a senior photographer that has at least three years of experience.

But there is more… Three years of photography experience is good… But what of a photographer that has over 27 years of experience? Marvin Hall has been active in the photography industry for close to three decades. And with his years of experience, you’ll get the best shots.

Furthermore, you should look through the photographer’s portfolio to identify if there’s a consistent style or whether the style differs from one session to another.

If you’re still skeptical, you can ask for a full session gallery. It’s your senior year. And it happens once in your lifetime. Therefore, you should ask LOTS of questions before you hire a senior photographer. Your big moment is right here, make the right choice — hire a senior professional photographer with lots of experience.

2. Look Out For A Senior Photographer Who Will Listen To You.

Again, experience plays a role here. But more importantly is the attitude and personality of the senior photographer. Your senior photographer should be able to talk you through your day and let you know what to expect every time. Do you connect with your photographer?

You should be able to relate with your photographer in a friendly way. Also, your photographer should have lots of ideas for your shots. For instance, most of my clients are thoroughly prepared for their big day. And I talk them through the progression (and events) of how their day would go. Every photo shoot is important — its the visual memory they would make them relive their senior year all over again.

3. Decision Making.

A senior photographer should help you make crucial decisions like the kind of dress to wear, and your makeup style (if you need it). Most times, making simple decisions like hairstyle and makeup can be overwhelming. Therefore, you should be able to count on the experience of your photographer to guide you through these periods.

You’ve got to feel and look like a rockstar. Hence, your senior photographer should be able to provide extra services like camera makeup. If you are not into false eyelashes, bombshell curls, and pouty painted lips, the senior photographer should be able to identify other makeup styles that’ll rekindle your natural beauty. Whatever your choice may be, the photographer should help you out every step of the way.

4. Get A Feel For The End Product.

Senior Portrait is a one time experience — you only pass through this phase once in your lifetime. You’ve got to make the right choice! Before you hire a senior photographer, take a look at what the previous clients are saying. Does your photographer has a long list of happy clients?

One of the ways of getting a feel for the end product is by examining their albums, canvases, and portraits. You have to see a list of their professional art products. If they don’t have one, then the photographer is probably not the right fit for you — they lack the expertise and experience you need. Furthermore, you’ve got to aim for a printed product. Digital images for Instagram are good. However, you have to invest in a full-service senior photographer.

A CD coverage of your day is good. But it may get lost at the bottom of your drawer. One of the best ways of preserving the memory of your senior year is by having printed copies of your photos. This way, you’ll be able to touch, feel, and relive your senior year all over again.

5. Is The Photographer Truly A Professional?

If you move around, you’d see lots of people who claim to be professional photographers. However, you can quickly identify a true professional by asking simple questions like…

  • Are they members of an industry organization?
  • Do they have a systematic approach to their business?
  • Do you have to sign a contract before hiring them?
  • Are they insured?

It may sound irrelevant, but it’s of great importance. There are lots of amateur photographers out there who are just winging it — they are not the right fit for you. You’ve got to be confident that your photographer is a pro. Studio M Portrait is a professional photography studio that’ll meet all your photo needs.

If you’re looking for a professional studio that will capture the story of your senior year, Studio M Portrait would be a great fit. Right here in Lansing, Michigan, Marvin Hall has been creating extraordinary photo images for over 27 years. With Marvin Hall, you’ll get an intuitive photographer who has hundreds of happy clients to help you capture the significant events of your senior year.

The team of professional photographers in Studio M Portrait will help you capture the emotions, passion, love, care, and every memory you’ll cherish for years to come — your entire senior year will be captured and packaged in printed copies.