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Apr10 Tiana – Senior Rep 2016

What can we say about Tiana?  In a word, AMAZING.  Tiana is a Grand Ledge high school student and one of our senior reps for 2016.  From the beginning she has proven herself to be fantastic at expressing herself through her images. Maybe it’s her gymnastics/dance background?  She is a powerhouse in front of the camera.  Just like Kamrin from Holt (see our past blog) inspired our studio “swing” set, Tiana inspired the “bubbles” because of her fun personality.  But as you can see in her pictures, she’s can rock a fierce look as well!

We look forward to working more with Tiana and our other Senior Reps for 2016!  Don’t forget were booking now for 2016 and if you book before April 25, you can save 15% on your session!


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