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Oct12 Studio M Senior Reps Amadeo, Kamrin and Tiana

Last spring we began the journey with our Senior Reps for 2016.   Kam and Amadeo from Holt, and Tiana from Grand Ledge.

They got 3 shoots!  In studio last spring, a quick yearbook shoot, and recently each had an outdoor shoot.

It’s been really cool to watch them grow during their senior year.   Check out the latest!


Untitled_1110 Untitled_1109 Untitled_1108  Untitled_1106 Untitled_1105  Untitled_1102 Untitled_1080 Untitled_1081 Untitled_1082 Untitled_1084 Untitled_1086 Untitled_1088 Untitled_1090Untitled_1099 Untitled_1097 Untitled_1095 Untitled_1092  Untitled_1079 Untitled_1100

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