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Apr14 Kelly and Josh — Love and comics

Not too long ago, we took part in a bridal show with the LBA at the University Club.  We gave away an engagement session as a door prize to be offered to the hundreds of brides that came through the door.  We contacted Kelly and Josh to tell them that they won and began the process of working with them to create a great session.

Kelly mentioned having met Josh on a night out and passing him her number, and his love of comics.  So we began to build our session around those concepts to help tell their love story in pictures.   We made some calls, and got permission to shoot in a set location for part of our session.

The day of the engagement session came and we were super excited to do a location shoot different than we had done before.  We met up at Zoobies on Grand River in Old Town.  The place was filled with character and we knew then it was going to be perfect!   It didn’t hurt that when Kelly and Josh walked in, we realized not only were they a great couple….they were a GORGEOUS couple.

We got down to business and began our shoot – making sure to somehow incorporate how they met, and Josh’s love of comics. We are so happy with the results!

Check them out here, and don’t forget to leave comments for Kelly and Josh!!



Untitled_0440 Untitled_0442




Untitled_0451 Untitled_0446

Untitled_0444 Untitled_0445 Untitled_0447

Untitled_0448 - Copy Untitled_0452

Untitled_0454 Untitled_0453 Untitled_0450 Untitled_0449

Untitled_0456 Untitled_0455

Untitled_0461 Untitled_0460 Untitled_0459Untitled_0457Untitled_0458  Untitled_0462

Untitled_0463  Untitled_0465



  • Allie says:

    Playful and beautiful pics

    • I’am Kelly’s Aunt, she has always been very special to me, my nickname for her has always been Clarence, i’am so happy for her and Josh, I haven’t met Josh yet, but I know I will like him , because my Kelly loves him and they look great together.and I just wish they were getting married this yr, Kelly’s grandpa ernie is 93, and i’am 83, Ernie is my oldest brother, At our age who knows what God has planned for us. love you very much Kelly and Josh.

  • Jesamin says:

    Those bar shots are awesome!! I’ve always wanted to do bar shoot with a couple. You did a fantastic job! Xo

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