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Aug18 It’s a family affair

Jan is a mom of four strapping grown men.  And as we parents all know, once everyone has left the nest – it’s hard to get everyone back in one place at the same time.

For Jan, it had been awhile.  And she told us it had been years since they’d all been in pictures together.

We couldn’t let that go on!    We had a great time with this fun group.

And there’s nothing cooler than seeing how much the guys love and respect their mother!   Thanks for stopping by Studio M guys, we know you

made your moms day, and now there are pictures to show for it!


Untitled_0747 Untitled_0748 Untitled_0749 Untitled_0750 Untitled_0751 Untitled_0752 Untitled_0753 Untitled_0754 Untitled_0756 Untitled_0758 Untitled_0759 Untitled_0760 Untitled_0761Untitled_0747

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