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Aug5 Emily’s day with Studio M


Emily’s photo shoot was a long time coming.  It was purchased for her about 6 months ago as a gift.   Some might assume she is a senior in high school.  Not quite yet! Emily’s shoot was merely for fun!


We brought Emily into the studio for make up with the fabulous Carleana Delacruz from Hair and Body Elements.  Carleana painstakingly put single eyelashes on after applying some gorgeous shadows to compliment Emily’s eyes.   We could tell by the smile on Emily’s face that she was enjoying the experience.  That’s what we’re all about at Studio M Portraits – the experience!


Emily brought some outfit choices, and we went through our Studio M wardrobe as well and pulled a couple of gowns and some accessories just for fun.  The goal was to make Emily feel like a model for a day!


We were soon on our way to beautiful Veteran’s Memorial Gardens in Holt for Emily’s shoot, where she rocked her poses and expressions.  Her mom and grandmother were also along for the fun and really enjoyed watching her come alive in front of the camera.     As the light faded we wanted to make she we got one beach shot, so we raced to Valhalla park to get a shot to replicate a moonlit stroll.    It was a great way to end the session.


We loved our day with you Emily ,and we hope you enjoyed your experience!


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