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Dec30 A great way to end 2015 – Three Men and a Tenor

We recently hung out with Mark, Glenn, Chuck and Paul; also known as Three Men and a Tenor before one of their shows.    What a talented group of guys, who all met at Michigan State and are about to celebrate 25 years as a group.  And what a group of entertainers they are.

In case you missed their show, check out our blog.  You won’t hear their voices, but you’ll at least see how much fun they are and how big of a crowd they draw!

Before the show, we grabbed a few headshots on stage for the guys, as well as group shots.   Then we photographed the opening act “Whoa Nelly” – we really enjoyed them.  Then it was time for the guys.  Next time you hear they are performing- don’t miss out!  4 individual guys all with unique attributes, vocal skills and talents that make it one heck of a great time.

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